Thursday, January 15, 2009

Media Literacy Midterm Projects

The Media Literacy semester mini-course has come to an end, but hopefully the experiences and learning that developed from our lab tasks and discussions will live on with these students. As their final midterm alternative assessment, students were given a choice of five topics and asked to select one. Each topic pertained to how the media affects society in a specific manner.

They were then asked to develop a storyboard, research their topic, and create a movie to address their audience. I was delighted at how well the students worked collaboratively, focused in on the task, and worked towards their goals. With very little time and video production experience, students came up with some wonderful and creative interpretations of their topics. Well done, girls!

Christine Conlon & Brittany Crowe: "The American Women Awards" . This video addresses women in the media and their beautiful qualities. Students selected this topic because they saw many women as role models and wanted to create a list to highlight their achievements. The message they wanted to convey is that women can be whoever they want to be and stand out in their own individual and unique ways.

Ali Rezendes & Taylor Smith: "Media Final: Persuading the Audience on a Current Event News Story".
This video takes a current event story about Caylee Anthony's whereabouts and sheds a light on how the news needs to remain objective and unbiased while covering a story. The girls demonstrated how a biased newscaster might change the audiences views about a subject.

Dahlia Griffin, Carline Desir, Ali Sibert: "The Image of Fashion in a New Light" . This video discusses how girls shouldn't be influenced by the media for fashion. Each person should have an individual style. This can be difficult in an "all girls school" environment and the latest fashions are all around you. "Be yourself, make a difference, and don't let anyone change that."

Molly Kennedy, Corine McGarty, Kathleen Keeley: "Lover Girl Cosmetics". This video addresses how young women are affected by commercials, especially when dealing with outer beauty. The message that they tried to convey is that makeup does not define who you are. Women don't need to hide behind makeup to be beautiful.

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