Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How Do I Use...?

Very often I find myself being asked the question, "how do I use a particular technology tool or resource in my classroom for teaching, learning and assessment, keeping in line with state and national standards?" The new National Education Technology Plan (NETP) guidelines reference these areas of education and identify how educators can enhance their curriculums by addressing today's necessary skills. But where do you start? With various options available on the internet, gathering valuable tools can be overwhelming. Some are free, some are device specific and some have sharing or recording limitations.

Teachers are busy and need a quick answer on how to implement and integrate a technology resource without having to watch long videos, attend a variety of conferences and spend endless hours researching topics online. So here it is. I created a collection of some of the most useful technology resources for teaching, learning and assessment in an easy to use format. I will update this Google document on an ongoing basis, but here are some of the most common tools to get you started with integrating useful technology into your curriculum.

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