Monday, April 7, 2014

Playing Games in School!

In a recent issue of Edutopia, Game-Based Storytelling, the topic of learning through video games was highlighted as an effective method to teaching problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical skills to students. With the need for students to meet Common Core Standards and align to the 4Cs (collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity), video gaming is now a valuable option and above all, engages students in the learning process. 

Games and education scholar, James Paul Gee states that, "it's just a set of problems; it could be anything. Doesn't matter what the problems are. All a video game is…. is a set of problems that you must solve in order to win." As technology continues to shift how we teach critical thinking skills, video games are moving towards the lime-light by offering students the ability to be the protagonist who must solve issues to move forward. Playing games in school takes on a whole new meaning!

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