Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Birthday to MAC!

Everything revolves around computer technology and the evolution of Apple is such a great story. The MAC was 30 years old on January 24th, and I wanted to share this interesting article from NYTimes about a conversation with Steve Jobs. The man was a genius and above all, a great promoter for his product. In his introductory presentation to launch his invention, he showed the audience how his computer could speak in a digitized voice, created for the Apple II. Here is what it said,

" Hello, I am Macintosh. It sure is great to get out of that bag. Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, I’d like to share with you a maxim I thought of the first time I met an IBM mainframe: Never trust a computer you can’t lift. Obviously, I can talk right now, but I’d like to sit back and listen. So, it is with considerable pride that I introduce a man who has been like a father to me: Steve Jobs."

And who could forget the Apple commercial that was aired during the 1984 Super Bowl, entitled "1984" (from George Orwell's novel). From MACs to iPhone's, he truly changed the world. Happy Birthday to MAC!

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