Friday, November 16, 2012

Writing Tools

One of the most important areas of learning in education is knowing how to create various types of writing. Persuasive, creative, expository (just to mention a few) require different types of instruction and unique sets of skills to develop. There are various programs that address writing skills and the need for students to brainstorm and organize their ideas before they can actually document them. A useful tool to achieve that purpose is to use "brainstorming" software. With the many different types of devices, however, you need to look at the best option for your particular piece of hardware.

There is an app for the iPad called "Popplet." This app is very similar to Inspiration software (a computer based program) Inspiration Maps (an app) and Webspiration (the web-based version) for brainstorming ideas.

Since we all have access to different devices, I thought I would give you some options.
  • Inspiration (for desktops)
  • Inspiration Maps (for iPads $9.99)
  • Popplet (for iPads $2.99)
  • Webspiration (web-based, Internet)
All four of these programs allow students to think about a topic, gather information/images and place their thoughts and images into a flow-chart or web type visual display that can later be organized to support a main idea. In the end, students can also display this information in an outline view as well.


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