Saturday, September 15, 2012

K-12 Websites Worth Mentioning

Looking for technology in education blogs?
Here is a Wiki that lists various topics in education from other school bloggers. 


To encourage students
to brainstorm, research, organize and share information…

build a description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box. 

MYWEBSPIRATION build and organize concepts through visual webs and outlines.

to read / write…….
STORYBIRD create stories based on inspirations of art to read, share and print.
STORYJUMPER create and write your own story and in the end publish your book!

to use creativity and imagination through learning…..
PIXTON or TOONDOO SPACES create online comic strips to convey a message, persuade an audience or relate a topic with any of these tools.

SCRATCH create and share interactive stories, games, music and art.

VOKI create online avatars to express an idea or communicate information about a topic.

GLOGSTER create online interactvie posters.....

to create multimedia presentations….

VOICETHREAD create online interactive multimedia presentations using sound, images, recordings, and text.
PREZI create presentations and slide shows for viewing in the cloud.

To assist teachers
with creating webquests….

with gathering and sharing ideas through social bookmarksDIIGO 

with developing safe social networking resources for students…  EDMODO or COLLABORIZECLASSROOM

with lesson plans, resources and online tools……GOOGLE DOCS FOR EDUCATION 

with video resources…..CAMTASIA or JING 

with info and resources for teaching with technology ….. FREE FOR TEACHERS 

with creating a blog…..BLOGGER 

with creating a website…..WEBS 

with creating a wiki….WIKISPACES

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