Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tech Research Course Final Assessment

Well, it has been a great semester with the 9th grade class at Fontbonne this year. After working with them in the lab, I feel confident that students in the Tech Research Course are well prepared for their future course work using technology and research skills for other disciplines.

Although students came to the course from various backgrounds with many technology-related skills, they were not fully confident with using some of the more advanced multimedia software/hardware resources to create and edit presentations. All semester we worked on mastering their use of images and sound, recordings, and video to engage their audience and present their topics effectively.

Working with the Library to enhance their database research knowledge and Social Studies where they studied about the Holocaust and wrote a research paper, students covered many areas of concern using technology in the 21st Century.

In the tech course, we went from ethics to website evaluation, social networking, internet safety and how to cite their references appropriately. The students were introduced to programs such as Inspiration to create outlines and VoiceThread to create presentations. Their use of the Microsoft Office applications was enhanced with more advanced skills for each application. All in all, students seemed to benefit by the experience and in the end created some noteworthy shows. Below is an example of some of the student projects from one of my classes. Enjoy!

Collette O’Connor:

Kim Herbert

Rebecca Olivieri

Elizabeth Magnuson

Abby Plouffe:

Sarah Albanese

Rebecca Barry

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