Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Criminal, Business & Finance Law 2010

Did Lizzie Borden Really Do It?

August 4, 1892.....a young woman named Lizzie Borden murdered her stepmother with an axe. Ninety minutes later, she murdered her father the same way. Lizzie was acquitted at her trial due to lack of evidence. Now you be the judge! Guilty or not!


Goals of this lesson:

• To use 21st century resources in the lab that support the law curriculum as a means to integrate technology (Internet research, online Wiki, video editing software)
• To highlight a famous case that was unsolved so that you can research data, analyze information and problem solve on your own. (Lizzie Borden)
• To support a theory and convince your audience through a presentation that it is the true outcome based on the facts shown.
• To look closely at how women were treated in the late 1800s in the court system and compare it with today.

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