Friday, May 21, 2010

HTML & Web Design Class

The object of the lesson was to create a "How To" video, upload the file to the Internet, and then create a web page to embed the file onto a website. Here is the video portion of their work.

Pan Zhu (Abby)
Demonstrates Chinese Paper Cutting

Yutong Xue and Yunan Xue
Demonstrate how to do Tai Ji

Phuong Doan (Amy)
Demonstrates how to make a Fried Egg Sandwich

Jeonga Lee (Maryann)
Demonstrates how to make hair bun

Si Wang (Pam)
Demonstrates a house tour

Maggie Leary
Demonstrates how to make brownies

Shiying Xu (Stacy) and Yuanzhe Zhuang (Ann)
Created an animated story

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