Monday, November 23, 2009

What's New!

Technology & Research Class Begins in January!

The second semester brings new ideas and the Technology and Research course planning is underway. This course is an essential element in the curriculum since it covers 21st century skills with the freshwomen. The topics, discussions, and lessons covered are useful in all areas of study. Students learn to integrate technology into various disciplines and how to be aware of the pros and cons of Internet use. Social networking, internet safety, website evaluation, copyright, and effective research methods are just a few of the highlights of this course. Software programs such as Word, Excel, Inspiration, and Power Point are used as tools for students to display their learning in several ways. Use of Wikis and Blogs add to the interactive learning environment. This is an exciting time where students are active participants in the learning process! I look forward to working with them and sharing in their success.

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