Monday, September 29, 2008

Media Literacy Course

Analyzing the media and its effect on women and society plays an essential role in 21st Century learning. Students are exposed to thousands of media messages on a daily basis and as a result, filter out what they need to function effectively. In essence, they are on "automatic pilot" where they are aware of their surroundings only part of the time; operating without really thinking about the task at hand. This past week students in my class were exposed to media concepts and how to recognize media influences in their lives.

To further our discussions and insight, I would like some comments and views on how students see themselves as 21st Century learners. After viewing the video, do you think there is a gap between how students live and learn today? Do you think that having a media saturated world has had any effect on your method of learning?

Take a look at student's recent assignment where they compared the two stories: Cinderella and Cinder Edna and gender roles.

Power Point presentations on Cinderella (1950) vs. Cinder Edna (1994): Identifying gender roles
Brittany Crowe & Christine Conlon
Kathleen Keeley, Corine McGarty, Molly Kennedy
Dahlia Griffin, Carline Desir, Alex Sibert
Ali Rezendes & Taylor Smith

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